The Mar-A-Lago incident: Nut job? Freelance? or both? 

My thoughts on the Mar-A-Lago incident: Nut job? Freelance? or both?    The evidence to date points to a self-inspired economic espionage effort employing  simplistic technical collection means targeted at business leaders.  Consider the following:   1. If this effort was espionage, there is no reason for Beijing to send someone from Shanghai when it … More The Mar-A-Lago incident: Nut job? Freelance? or both? 

Recent Articles on Chinese Espionage

I recently wrote three articles on Chinese espionage, their impact on U.S. national and economic security, and policy options.  The data used for these articles includes 274 cases of Chinese espionage.  Breaking Defense News: This article addresses the issue of China’s espionage and several U.S. policy options to respond. December, 03, 2018 A Blueprint To … More Recent Articles on Chinese Espionage

How to Think Like an Intelligence Analyst

  Analytical Tradecraft Over the last two decades failures to understand and predict significant events made it apparent the US Intelligence Community (IC) was weak in its analytical capabilities. This is not to say that analysts lacked knowledge and expertise on a particular country or subject area. In fact, often the US knows aspects of … More How to Think Like an Intelligence Analyst

Laughable Quotes on Chinese Espionage

I just tripped over my opening statement before the US Congress, Joint Economic Committee on Chinese espionage.  This was in 1998.  Amazing how almost nothing has changed.  Warnings not heeded for decades by our politicians and national security apparatus.  I’ve highlighted a few interesting phrases. Statement by Nicholas Eftimiades Author, “Chinese Intelligence Operations” before the … More Laughable Quotes on Chinese Espionage