Your future is a laughing matter


Few authors established themselves as notable in the science fiction genre. Fewer still in the area of science fiction comedy. But reviews are naming Nicholas Eftimiades as the American version of Douglas Adams, author of famed "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy".

"With his comedic dystopian future history populated by hapless reluctant heroes and lovesick artificial intelligences, Nick takes a big step toward becoming the American Douglas Adams"

Bill Prady, Co-Creator, The Big Bang Theory TV Show

"Edward of Planet Earth" was recently nominated for the prestigious Global E-book Award. The book is a madcap political and philosophical satire that spoofs modern life, from organized religion to the traffic control system. 200 years in the future Edward Temple, a "uniquely ordinary person" becomes caught up in a zany world where self-aware super-computers are as argumentative, egotistical, demanding, and emotionally needy as the humans they serve. Everything is fair game as Edward navigates befuddled governments, psychotic software, greedy corporations, overly attentive robots, and romance.

Nicholas Eftimiades is known worldwide for his book on China's espionage service which earned him the title of "Enemy of the People" in China's People's Daily newspaper. He is a frequent lecturer and public speaker on future technology and societal changes, and national security issues. Nick has appeared on CBS Evening News with Connie Chung, Dateline NBC, ABC's Day One, BBC America, National Public Radio, and dozens of other television and radio broadcasts. Nick testified before several US Congressional and Presidential Commissions concerning National Security issues, future technology development, and the future of the US space program. He has been a consultant for Hollywood movies.


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