My list of Great Thinkers

This is my list of Great Thinkers in history.  They are people who, in my opinion, have changed the world for the better through their knowledge, thoughts, and words.  I tried to stay away from people who won battles, built empires, and such.  There were so many great artists I could not even begin to include them.  Instead, I focused on those whose scientific or philosophical  achievements added a longstanding positive contribution to our existence.   (I also took the liberty of highlighting the Greeks because they are cool.  Everyone else just wishes they were Greek.)

What do you think?

Albert Einstein

Jesus Christ

Marie Curie

Saint Catherine of Siena

Joan of Arc

Florence Nightingale

Isaac Newton

Leonardo Da Vinci

Edwin Hubble

Enrico Fermi

Michael Faraday

James Clerk Maxwell



Rene Descartes


Benjamin Franklin

Thomas Edison

John Jay

Alexander Hamilton

Miguel de Cervantes

Friedrich Nietzsche

William Shakespeare

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Max Planck

Gary Kasparov

Charles Darwin

Galileo Galilei

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Leo Tolstoy





2 thoughts on “My list of Great Thinkers

  1. A very well thought out list! There are a couple I might not have selected, thought I find Joan of Arc to be quite commendable (and she is quite the inspiration to me), I wouldn’t necessarily consider her a ‘thinker.’ Just a very unextraordinary and literate young woman who cemented her place in history for her courage and conviction to restore the independence of the Kingdom of France. I also noticed you don’t have Thomas Jefferson, a man who’s intellect and insight I would consider vastly superior to Alexander Hamilton (despite Mr. Jefferson’s shortcomings).

    1. You’re probably right. But I thought Joan of Ark as able to inspire so many to her cause. Jefferson was extraordinary. But Hamilton did so much in getting people to support the Constitution. His public letters in the Federalist Papers did much to educate and influence people into supporting the Constitution. (It sure did for me).

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