Armstrong’s Legacy?

“Armstrong’s Legacy Will Last a Million Years” the article said.  His boot print will remain.  Perhaps it will, but I wonder.  What if China establishes a Moon base in the next few decades?  What if they actually settle the Moon in a big way?  By that I mean a hundreed or more people.  Will we still have a legacy?  Would it still mean as much?  Or will we be like a former empire shaking our fist into the wind yelling “we used to rule the waves you know”. 

The Armstrong legacy is fresh in our minds as we mourn the loss of an extraordinary man.  But the situation is not static.  Life rarely is.  The sad truth is that we may very soon find ourselves looking through telescopes at our fellow humans visiting or even colonizing the Moon.  How will we feel?  Will we be happy for them?

As I think about it, there is one true legacy of this great hero.  It is to remind us that we, as a nation and civilization, can continue to do great things.  More than any other human endeavour, space exploration is one where people surpass the percieved boundries of human abilities.  It may not be necessary to live; but knowing what this species can achieve sure adds a lot to our lives.  How will we “live” the legacy of Neil Armstrong?

Discovery News


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