Edward of Planet Earth Independent Book Marketing Plan

Edward of Planet Earth

Marketing Plan

 Publish book with the following on line publishers:

    1. Ibookstore
    2. Pubit (Barns and Noble)
    3. Books on Board
    4. Ebooks.com
    5. Sony Reader Store
    6. Borders
    7. Diesel Books
    8. Google Editions
  1. Websites
    1. Personal website

                                                              i.      Sell Book

                                                            ii.      Introduce concept of coordinated learning:  i.e. fiction book, summer camps, video game, yearly activities

                                                          iii.      Introduce me as lecturer and Subject Matter Expert

1.      Future issues, technology

a.       Requires developing a 30 min presentation on the concept

                                                          iv.      Link to book sales web sites.

1.      Para Publishing web site. List the book free on the Para Publishing Web site. Just click on Success Stories and fill in the form. Include your email address and URL so that interested surfers can click directly back to you. See the following:

·         http://parapublishing.com/success_list.cfm

·         www.published.com

·         www.bookhitch.com

·         www.authorsden.com

·         www.authorpromote.com

·         www.author-network.com

·         www.slake.com

·         www.authortree.com

·         www.writers.net

·         www.listal.com

                                                            v.      Offer to give interviews and speaking engagements

    1. Develop soft copy Press Kit

                                                              i.      About the author

                                                            ii.      Reviews of book

                                                          iii.      Include “what people are saying about the book”

                                                          iv.      Video talking about book

                                                            v.      You Tube technology video?

                                                          vi.      Video of speeches?

                                                        vii.      Transcripts of speeches, presentations

1.      Speech before Presidential Commission

                                                      viii.      Podcasts

                                                          ix.      Include press clippings of publications and articles

                                                            x.      Links to quotes from China book

                                                          xi.      Link to book reviews

                                                        xii.      Amazon and other book reviews

    1. Sale of book in multiple media – ebook, audio and print book

                                                              i.      Actively seek out affiliates

                                                            ii.      Offer 50% of profit for all sales (my profit) that come through them

  1. Soft Copy Marketing
    1. Send e-mails offering to give interviews and speaking engagements (It will be appropriate to sell books at some of these venues)

                                                              i.      Local radio

                                                            ii.      Local TV

                                                          iii.      Scifi Clubs and Groups

1.      Offer to send free copy.  Ask for review and on-line link

                                                          iv.      Conventions

                                                            v.      Futures Groups

                                                          vi.      Civic groups

1.      Lions International, Rotary Club, etc.

  1. Specialty Store Distribution
    1. Trend shows tremendous growth of book sales through specialty stores

                                                              i.      E.g. more books on parachuting are sold through parachute equipment sales stores than through bookstores.

                                                            ii.      Little to no competition with other books

    1. Approach specialty stores to sell book

                                                              i.      Comic book stores

                                                            ii.      Telescope stores

                                                          iii.      Science Centers

                                                          iv.      Others?

  1. Edward of Planet Earth book sales (and signing) at events
    1. Science Fiction conventions
    2. NASA Open House (at FOGE table)
    3. Science Fairs?
    4. Store book signing

                                                              i.      Make arrangement with book store

                                                            ii.      Advertise through the book store

1.      Poster

2.      Cardboard cutout, etc.

                                                          iii.      Advertise on line – notices to scifi groups, futures groups, local newspapers,

                                                          iv.      News release (formerly called press release).

  1. E-mail Lists
    1. Must be legal list.  One that people have signed up for.

                                                              i.      Scifi Readers?  What other groups?

                                                            ii.      Must buy/rent recent lists

  1. Regular Mailing Lists
    1. What type of mailing lists for scifi fans?  Other groups?
  1. Develop book brochure for distribution
    1. Leave at conferences, conventions, events

                                                              i.      Space conferences

                                                            ii.      SciFi conventions

    1. Leave at stores
  1.  Publicity
    1. Local papers, radio and local TV stations

                                                              i.      Play the local angle of the new author. Write the article for them.

                                                            ii.      Cable or local TV show for local news

                                                          iii.      Send copy (media flier) to relevant media people.

    1. National papers, radio and TV

                                                              i.      Target groups with free offers to speak

                                                            ii.      Press releases to national press targeting cities and career pages

                                                          iii.      Send multiple press releases to the media through British Associated Press and direct to targeted journalists

1.      Science writers?

2.      Send press releases based on timings e.g. sci fi conventions

  1. Book Reviewers
    1. Send copies of book or links to book reviewers in various publications
    2.  Scifi, futures, philosophy
    3. Send review copies to book clubs with large distribution
  1. Testimonials and Endorsements
    1. Get cover quotes from famous people quoted in the book
    2. Bill Nye?
    3. Ask Derek for recommendations
    4. Put testimonials on other peoples websites with my website address on them as link backs
  1. Print Articles
    1. Submit articles for print media on related subjects
    2. Futures issues, technology impact on society
    3. Write article on future of human race
  1. In Person/ Speaking/ Building a platform
    1. Volunteer for local associations and organizations that need speakers

                                                              i.      Lions, Rotary, Civic, Libraries, Schools

    1. Develop “Elevator speech” for quick pitch
    2. Build slides of key points of lecture so I can produce these as part of speaking
  1. Networking
    1. Active member of Scifi groups, clubs, associations
    2. Writers groups?
    3. Sell at networking events
    4. Futurists groups in UK
    5. Build brand and reputation as an author and sell book at events as well as talking about it
  1. Book Launch and local bookstores
    1. Launch at independent bookstore. Make sure media are aware.
    2. Press release before, and after.
    3. Approach local and independent bookstores to see if they will buy books.
    4. Donate books to local library and offer to speak
    5. Sell at fairs and markets in person
  1. Promotional material
    1. Have book cover on business cards and hand them out whenever possible
    2. Wear T-shirt with book image and name on as well as website
    3. Stick stickers or stamp with website name on all post
  1. Articles
    1. Post regularly on top article websites EzineArticles.com and Articlesbase.com that syndicate across the web
    2. Post with Future’s Group
  1. Amazon.com
    1. Do Amazon.com book reviews on similar topics with links to my book
    2. Add Amazon blog and all testimonials to site
    3. Add video to my Amazon page
    4. Promote sales through affiliates
  2. Blog and social networking
    1. Drive traffic to my website and encourage sales through my blog
    2. Facebook profile has link to website and promotes book
    3. LinkedIn profile has info on the book as well as the day job
    4. Set up a lens on squidoo.com
    5. Channel on YouTube for book related videos
    6. Technology Videos
    7. Post free (speeches, documents)  information and useful documents on Docstoc.com for search engines
    8. Profile on AuthorsDen.com
    9. Add a Tell a Friend button to website
    10. Create a screensaver for YouTube with inspirational quotes and the website address
    11. Add signature file with book free offer and website to all emails
    12. Invite other authors, scientists, technologists, etc. to be guest blogs or interviews on my blog. They reciprocate and promote me.
    13. Approach organizations to buy for their employees or clients as porate gifts e.g. recruitment companies, seek.com and similar
    14. Direct marketing to libraries for self-help/careers section
    15. Universities and careers offices for bulk buy
  1. Targeted Internet advertising
    1. Run ad campaign on common words for looking for scifi movies or future issues.
    2. Use targeted Facebook advertising, which can be directed to age group, gender, interests as well as location (maybe – get Marci to show you how to advertise on Facebook).
  1. Build database for email marketing and auto-responders
    1. Email addresses are captured and auto-responders are sent to the people over the period of 1 month encouraging them to buy the book.
    2. Periodic emails blasts on interesting topics and blog posts
    3. Set up affiliate program where people can earn commission on referrals to the website for sales
  1. Measure and optimize marketing activities
    1. Use Google Analytics to track traffic and conversion rates and measure success
    2. Measure Google Adwords campaign and tweak adverts as necessary
    3. Measure traffic to blog and use keyword finder to blog with searchable terms
  1. Joint Ventures
    1. Target similar authors for co-promotion
    2. For example, I have been a featured author on XXXXXXs
    3. Be a guest speaker on a new book and have a giveaway in their program that directs traffic to my website
    4. Be part of compilation books which promote my own book in the resource box

                                                              i.      I have a chapter in XXXXXXXXX) which also includes blah, blah blah, amongst others

                                                            ii.      My chapter includes my website

                                                          iii.      Have excerpts in another compilation book

  1. Check groups that have a library and a book sales service.  Approach them with opportunity.
  1. Charitable Tie-In
    1. Charity is XXXXX (10% of profits)
    2. Press release on the impact of XXXXX tying into book
    3. Charitable event with proceeds to xxxxxxx

Contact Details


Twitter. Everyone knows it’s an important tool but not everyone knows how to leverage it. Twitter is not effective if just every few days you post a link to your website. Spammers are looked down upon in this community and people are no longer interested in hearing the truth about tooth whitening. The whole point of this application is that updates are made in real time, often, and must be only 140 characters long (for newbies, this is referred to as a Tweet). You must encourage direct communication and be willing to give away some books in order to get word of mouth advertising.

  • Job number one is to set up your own Twitter account at http://twitter.com and take the time to fill out the profile information and put an actual picture of you in the photo spot. It’s also a good idea to use your book cover as your background. Not published yet? Follow other authors on Twitter to see how they are leveraging this application.
  • Once you are set up and take some tutorials, you’ll want to increase your traffic and followers on your Twitter feed. Visit https://www.tweepme.com this does cost money (12.95) but it’s a small amount if you want to get a lot of people reading your tweets in a short amount of time. Of course this means you must tweet often and try and connect with people through direct messages who may be interested in reading your book.
  • You should also list yourself in the Twitter directory under Authors or Literature: http://wefollow.com and also list your business (if you have one) with Twibs http://www.twibs.com/index.php These directories help people find YOU which always means more followers.
  • Don’t just follow the obvious on Twitter – follow businesses and see what they are doing to increase traffic. Find small businesses (or big ones) that may want to partner with you and other people with companies/products/books like yours.
  • Find book reviewers on Twitter. Reviewers may accept your book if you connect with them and they are interested.

Here are just a few to follow:


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