Chinese Negotiating Tactics

I have studied Chinese negotiating tactics since the early 1990’s.  In fact, in 1996 I wrote a classified dissertation on “China’s use of Denial and Deception in Diplomacy and Negotiating tactics”.   In those days there were only a few of us in the US Intelligence Community who were considered China experts (or China Hands).  We had an army of analysts working on Russia.  I spent six years developing and teaching the National Intelligence Council (now Office of the Director of National Intelligence NIC) course on China’s Denial and Deception tactics.

In recent years I have been capturing the negotiating behavior and tactics of the Chinese government and business organizations.  Nothing much has changed over the last few hundred years.  They still view the market place as warfare (quote from a Japanese trade delegation to China in the early 1800’s).  My research has developed through dozens of interviews, reports on company negotiations, and a lot of academic and open source materials (not to mention 30+ years as a China watcher).

Displayed below are charts I developed that reflect typical Chinese negotiating behavior and tactics throughout the course of a relationship (business or government).

In this first chart Chinese negotiating actions are depicted in yellow. Each bubble in this chart has a slide show, video, or paper with explanations and supporting details.

Chinese Negotiating Tactics
Chinese Pre Negotiations; Negotiations; Post Negotiations Chart {COPYRIGHT (c) 2017}

This second chart highlights Chinese cultural and belief system and the influence on negotiating behavior and tactics.  Chinese culture shows strong Confucian and Daoist influence. Like the first chart each bubble in this chart has a slide show, video, or paper with explanations and supporting details.

Chinese Culture and Negotiating Tactics
Chinese Culture and Belief System ‘s Influence on Negotiating Tactics {COPYRIGHT (c) 2017}


My plan is to compile all my analysis into one complete document.  I may include the videos as well. There is already much open source material on this subject, and lots of experts (some real, some not) on Chinese negotiating tactics.  I may publish my work but I suspect I might just post it or make it available to a select group.



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