Nick’s Bio

I’ve worked for the United States Department of Defense for 33 years, and my expertise has been in China, space capabilities, and futures forecasting.  In 1994, I published my first book, Chinese Intelligence Operations, which got heavy media coverage and earned me the distinction of “Enemy of the People” from the People’s Republic of China. Since then I published many articles on China, space, and national security. I also share my knowledge as a research fellow and adjunct professor for the prestigious Kings College, War Studies Department, London, UK.

My passion for science, astronomy, and technology extends beyond my career and writing.  I’m the founder and chairman of a the Federation of Galaxy Explorers (FoGE), a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring youth to persue an interest in engineering and science.  We conduct  “Mission Team” after school programs and space summer camps that engage students in five key areas: space science, engineering, earth science, rocketry, and space development.

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2 thoughts on “Nick’s Bio

  1. My name is Gina and I help run a company called Source Sleuth ( Our service helps journalists, bloggers find experts for their stories.

    We just got an inquiry from a reporter looking for a technology expert who can talk to this idea: ten examples of Star Trek technology that are now basically real-world things (or close enough). I thought you’d be a good fit.

    Let me know if you are interested and your best point of contact – and we will make the connection. If you do not wish to participate, we would very much appreciate any referrals. There is no catch, obligation or other nonsense.

    If you have any questions feel free email us.
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    Source Sleuth | 800.394.0228 (Main) Twitter: @sourcesleuth
    1608 N Milwaukee Ave – Suite 707 – Chicago, IL 60647

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