Edward of Planet Earth

Edward of Planet Earth Cover

What do Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Bill Nye “The  Science Guy”, and Bill Prady, producer of The Big Bang Theory TV Show have in common?  They all recommend “Edward of Planet Earth”.


You’ve never had a hangover like this before!  200 years in the future, Edward Temple, a “uniquely ordinary person” wakes up a human pawn in a super computer’s cosmic plan to reveal a universal truth to the world.  Join the adventure in a world where self-aware super-computers are as argumentative, egotistical, demanding, and emotionally needy as the humans they serve.  Edward and his love interest Amanda are caught up in a zany cat and mouse chase and everything becomes fair game as they navigate befuddled governments, psychotic software, greedy corporations, overly attentive robots, and romance.


Bill Nye “The Science Guy”

“We join Edward as a regular guy living a regular life, albeit centuries hence. From page one, his world comes right at you, one fantastic futuristic function and worldwide wonder after another. Eftimiades wants us perhaps to ponder what we are all doing here on Planet Earth. Open it up, and hang on.”

Bill Prady, Co-Creator, The Big Bang Theory TV Show

“With his comedic dystopian future history populated by hapless reluctant heroes and lovesick artificial intelligences, Nick takes a big step toward becoming the American Douglas Adams.”

Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 Astronaut

“Edward of Planet Earth” is a thought-provoking satire about life in humanity’s high tech future and the impact on social, political, and religious institutions.  Edward is here, look out planet Earth.”

Dr. David Livingston, The Space Show

“Edward of Planet Earth”is a delightful, informative, unusual, satirical and unique story, challenging both our imagination and reality as we look 200 years into the future. At times Edward’s and Earth’s future may seem universally outrageous and over the top from our present day perspective, but as in all good science fiction, we can easily find ourselves transported to Edward’s world and that alone is a big part of enjoyment coming from reading this book.”

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