Understanding Americans

I am proud to announce that I have just finished writing my latest book:  “Understanding Americans: A Guide for Everybody Else“.

So why this book?

In June 2011, I attended a conference in Madrid.  Over several days I enjoyed meeting and working with foreign counterparts.  One such person was a delegate by the name of Maria.  Over the days we talked about the conference, our families, and our countries.  During one of the session breaks she told me a story of her friend who had married an American and settled in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The friend had recently been fired from her job as a manager in a large hotel.  There was no apparent reason for the firing other than the hotel was trying to cut costs.

Neither Maria nor her friend understood the situation.  How could she be fired even though she was doing her job?  How can one live with the insecurity of knowing they could be fired at any moment, and for no good reason?  Is that really life in the US?  Do people actually live with this kind of stress every day?  Why has the richest, most powerful country in the world had a 20 year fight over providing health care to its people?  What is the crime rate?  How do Americans live with such little vacation time each year?  The questions continued.

During one evening at the conference, I laughed with several Italian delegates over a bottle of wine (or two – or several).  They could not understand why John Edwards, an American politician having an extra marital affair and diverting campaign money, was even an issue in the media.  That kind of behavior, they laughed, is common place in Italy.

Everyone seems to have opinions about America, and hardly anyone seems shy about expressing them.  Those opinions are discussed in the world’s cafes, pubs, and restaurants.  They are all over the Internet. And they are in the world’s newspapers and news broadcasts.

Misperceptions on the character and nature of Americans abound.  There are many ways the world judges America.  It sees and judges America by its levels of wealth, corruption, technology, or by differing definitions of freedom.  And yet, like any other nation, its people are so much more.

Whether you love Americans or hate them (or something in between), this book is for you.  Even if you are undecided, this book is for you.  Perhaps you are planning a trip to the US?    Whatever your reasons, this book will help you understand the strangest of all creatures roaming today’s world: The Americans.

Americans are a very special people.  In several ways their behavior is even unique on the planet.  Despite the fact that the United States is very big and diverse there are still fundamental characteristics that are common to just about all Americans.  So, if you want to understand Americans, really understand what their society is like and why they act the way they do, then by all means read Understanding Americans: A Guide for Everybody Else. http://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Americans-Guide-Everybody-Else-ebook/dp/B00ECBSK3M/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1392654568&sr=8-9&keywords=eftimiades


2 thoughts on “Understanding Americans

  1. Hello, I really enjoyed the article. I have very similar experiences with getting fired for no reason at all, other than I was two weeks before the birth of my first and only child twelve years ago. I was fired by a major corporation, Aventis Pharma. I am from Europe and let me tell you, people outside the US couldn’t even comprehend what was I talking about when I talked about my story. Sad. It is a cruel reality here.

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